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Dating and Weight Loss

Dating and weight loss… Yup you read that correctly.  I’ve battled with my weight, I battle with dating, and the more I do both, the more I realized they are totally connected.  I’m a bit emotional about the entire dating thing at the moment, and it’s hard to explain how dating can affect your weight, but it totally can.

So…, I’ve written about this before, but it is hard to explain if you haven’t been dating in your 30’s.  Many people don’t understand my dating woes… the only ones who do, are probably the ones in my shoes… 30+ and single… and single for some time.  I’m not divorced, I’m not recently single… I am 100% single with no relationship in the recent past.  Not for lack of trying!  I can’t handle the question… “why are you single?” any more.  I know some people think they are being flattering to assume that I couldn’t be single, but in the end it comes off as offensive, like I’ve done something wrong, or like something is wrong with me.  The only thing wrong with me…. is that I’m not interested in dating for the sake of dating, I want something real.

Now… how does this affect my weight?  It is tough… sometimes very tough to focus on myself in a positive light when all that I want in my life is to have someone to love and that person to love me.  Again, I know many may not understand this… and I will stop to say that I’m proud to be independent, and I’m proud to be able to do all of the things that I do on my own.  If my car breaks down I can take care of it, if my toilet plugs I take care of it, if I need a bank loan I take care of it, if I need to replace my flooring I take care of it…. I am very capable, and I’m proud of myself that I’m able to do these things on my own, some things that many others wouldn’t be able to do… and if I had someone in my life to do all of these things… things that I wouldn’t know that I’m capable of because I wouldn’t have to take care of them on my own.  So…. being sing