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Dream, Wish, or Goal

In General, we all have goals, or wishes, or dreams…. but in general many of us don’t know how to… or just don’t work work towards those as a reality.  A friend said to me yesterday that…      “Our society doesn’t teach us that living our dreams is possible.  So, many people just live a mediocre life and ‘settle’  living to the minimum that they need to do to survive, but they never take a chance to live to their full potential”      ….

I had to think about this for a bit…  I don’t think I’ve ever felt that something truly in my heart that I wanted to do…. I couldn’t.  I’ve always believed that if it’s meant to be for me… that I could do it.  Now there is a difference in a dream vs a reality come true.  For instance, I wanted to go to University, but being raised in a single parent family with a low income, the reality of being able to do this wasn’t as easy for me as for most.  However…. because it was something that I really wanted, I made it happen.  Classes were tough, I had to get loans and money was tight, but I worked part time jobs, spent sparingly, went to all my classes, worked hard, and graduated (by the skin of my teeth… but I did it).  Dropping out or Failing was never an option for me.  There was never a question as to if I could do it, the question in my mind was always how could I do it.  Sometimes I surprise myself to think back to things that I’ve applied myself to and realize that I’ve never failed…. if I truly put my heart into it.  There are some things that I may wish… or dream of… but that I don’t think are a reality, and therefore I won’t work for them.  For example, becoming a millionaire as much as it would be a dream, doesn’t seem to be a reality for me, so it’s not something that I work towards.  That is a decision that I make.

Now this makes me think more, are there people out there who think of attainable things (in my mind) as unattainable in theirs?  I, as many others, have struggled with