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Fabulous February

Well here we are... it's February and although I've been referring to it more as F@cking February, I'd like to take this time to focus on the fantastic of it all. Let's be honest here, I try my best to not reference what is going on in the world, but we can't avoid it and we are all exhausted because of it. However, if we take a moment to look around of the fabulousness that surrounds us, it really is freaking fabulous. Believe you me, if I were to stick and focus on the negative it would be easy enough to do so. Let me stop right there for a minute and say that I by no means want to spiritual bypass anyone's feelings. I do know that this time of year in general can be difficult for people and adding on everything that the world is throwing at us does not make it any easier. I've struggled with my mental health in the past, and the number one hardest thing to do during that time was to ask for support. However, if I look back at what I did do during that time, it made me stronger and now I will definitely speak up for myself and anyone who needs the help! So here's to Fabulous February and a way to reframe and focus my thoughts.

I've been driving a rental car for a month now because the parts for my car still aren't available from when it was vandalized New Years Eve. I'm still working from home alone. I live alone and have very little interaction with other humans... and the whole being single during this time too. BUT, I can recognize that all of this doesn't define me or what my life is. I have so many amazing things that I can focus on. The fact that I have insurance and can drive a rental car, the ability to keep working from home even when campus is partially shut down, my community that has continued to support me whenever they can and my furball who keeps me company everyday..

A shift in perspective while the world is going crazy around us is what I'm going to be doing this month. A month of gratitude and sharing what makes me smile. Sometimes it's in the smallest of things, sometimes it's a little bit bigger. Today, after some long cold nights, we have beautiful sunshine and friends to go out for walks with. Just taking the moment to appreciate this gets me one day further at focusing on the good that is around us.

What if you could identify one thing each day that makes you smile? What if you could add to that and do one thing each day to make someone else smile? This is what my Fabulous February is going to be all about. I will share what makes me smile and do my best to pay it forward to what I can do to make someone else smile and I'd love to hear from you how these two things can show up in your life as well. Let's work together to make this a fabulous February to remember.

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