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Satya – Your Truth is Yours to Own

Today is May 13 and I’ve pretty much been living in self isolation due to the Covid 19 pandemic for two months now. Businesses around the city, province and the country started closing around March 15th. Many people have lost their jobs and may or may not ever return. Luckily my main job of teaching English moved on, so I’m able to continue work, just in a new form of learning to delivery my classes online. The yoga studio I was working for closed around the same time and I lost the opportunity to teach yoga and connect with my community with no information on what the future of boutique fitness, or fitness delivery in general will look like in the future.

This is my truth. While there are many more details that go in to my situation, and how I’m surviving, these are the basics of my situation during this time. It has taken me awhile to feel comfortable enough to write again. It has taken me even longer to feel the desire to practice yoga. The stress of the unknown is real, and although I have many skills to help me get through this situation, I too have struggled adjusting to my new normal.

It’s a weird time where you know the majority of people are all going though a traumatic time, and it is common to ask people if they still have a job and not be surprised to learn that someone has lost their job. The mental toll of consuming information has been overwhelming to say the least. It takes energy that I never expected. Even though I can feel completely fine one day, it’s often followed by extreme exhaustion just because of the mental energy that it takes to process everything that is going on around me. I find that I have very good days, but then they are often followed by the lowest of the lows. Now… these are my highs and lows, not to be compared or measured to anyone else’s.