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There is No Quick Fix

Warning… Rant ahead… Ok, so I’ve seen so many people posting about “quick fix” diets or weight loss options… I honestly don’t know much about all of them because there are seriously SO many! Wraps, pills, patches, teas,…. There are so many because people want a quick fix. Well guess what… there is no quick fix! It took a long time to gain weight… sometimes a lifetime…. it is going to take time and work to get that weight off and to be healthy.. . Not to mention has any one really looked into the the ingredients of these things?  People will take a pill of random ingredients but they won’t eat their vegetables? If something is claiming for you to lose weight without work, it’s probably not good for you… and it probably won’t last.

Let’s get a little personal here. I’ve had my weight go up and down multiple times.  I’ve gained and lost a total of about 30 lbs more than once.   I’ve tried the pills… I’ve tried the creams… and yes I’ve tried the teas… but guess what… most didn’t work at all, and others just made me very sick. Well of course you’re going to lose weight if the whatever it is that you put into your body makes you run to the bathroom every 10 minutes… and or makes you not want to eat. THIS IS NOT GOOD PEOPLE… It’s not healthy and the long term wear and tear on your body is NOT good.

I’ve always ‘seemed’ healthy to most.  I workout at the gym, I walk a lot (pretty much 10 000 steps or more everyday), I do and teach yoga, I cook my own meals and bring them to work (mostly because I couldn’t afford to eat out)… and I was always looking for a way to be healthy or “a quick fix” …

Honestly dieting and losing weight might be one of the hardest things for people to do. Partly because it’s not simple.  It is actually very complicated.  Often it is related to other things that we’re not even aware of.  It could be a comfort thing, emotional, it could be that we’ve never actually been taught what proper nutrition or exercise actually consists of.  We could have eating habits from childhood, or subconscious eating habits that we’re completely unaware of… BUT… that doesn’t mean we can’t try… work hard… educate ourselves to do better.

For me though… the tough part is when I start to gain success. When I see those lower numbers on the scale… when I feel the clothes starting to loosen.. That’s when I start to get lazy. Then I think … just a couple cookies will be ok…. A little bit of extra cheese will be fine. Sure… I can have the full fat pumpkin spiced latte… because I deserve it.  I deserve a treat for working hard.  Our society is all about “treating” our kids with candy, pizza, or pop as a reward.  We’ve been taught that food is a reward for doing something good.  Well… I think that doing something good… is doing something good… and being healthy is a reward that not everyone gets.  There are people out there who don’t have the choice to be healthy.  They envy people who can choose what they want to eat, and how much they are able to exercise… something that most just take for granted.

Guess what… I deserve to be healthy. I deserve to have one size of clothes in my closet that fits all year long. I deserve to not wake up with a tummy ache from eating too much crap. I deserve to have more energy from the foods that help my body run efficiently.  I deserve to live a long healthy life without chronic diseases that I can prevent by doing a little bit of work now.  Losing weight and being healthy is NOT ROCKET Science. It’s actually quite simple… Eat Healthy… and Move… It is truly simple mathematics….

Being healthy isn’t something that you do for a week, a month, or even just a year.  Being healthy is a lifestyle.  Therefore, if I can motivate and support other people along side continuing to be healthy everyday… Then that is what I call success.  Being healthy for life… and helping other people be healthy….

Rant over…

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