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What do you Dream?

It's been difficult to think about our dreams recently. Having big dreams has seemed scary over the last 2 years. Every step I took towards reaching my dreams was thwarted but things outside of my control. I got to a point where I didn't even want to dream knowing how uncertain the future really seemed.

It's common for us to get into these patterns especially when things in the world so much bigger than us are preventing others from reaching furthers and forcing many to give up.

I'll be honest over the last couple of years I've struggled a lot with any type of motivation. I struggled with caring to keep my home clean, with getting my regular exercise, with wanting to work harder and do more..... but.... I also knew that I needed time to heal. I needed time to allow myself to process through the drastic changes that happened. I needed time to heal from the loss. Honestly, the best thing that I did for myself over the last 2 years was take care of myself.

When we are in a state when our physical health is not great, we know that we to rest to heal. What we don't realize is that with drastic change, loss and uneasiness often comes a diminished mental health that needs time to heal. We need to acknowledge that mental health is health and it's ok to rest. We are unable to have motivation, to work on our physical health and do all of the things when we are struggling with mental health.

Even though the world still feels uneasy, I feel more able to get back into a groove of dreaming and looking to the future. It's not easy to get through these times, but if we can acknowledge the time we need to heal from mental health to give ourselves grace and comfort, we will be more likely to be able to come out the other side with pride and a power inside of ourselves that we knew was there but maybe couldn't access for awhile.

So hears to resting when we need, but also to never giving up on our dreams.

What are you dreaming about?

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