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Your Friends Do Not Have to be there for you….

As of today I have been working from home for a month. March 16th was the last day I went in to the office to figure out what I needed to start to move classes online. For those of you who don’t know, other than yoga, I teach English Language to new immigrants who are preparing their language to enter into University studies. The groups that I teach clearly have a certain level of language before they can be accepted in to our program. You see, the students that we have often had to leave their countries for difficult reasons and often leave behind professional careers and often even a lot more than that. I started teaching English shortly after I graduated University. I moved to S. Korea to start my career, and even though I had only planned on staying there for 1 year, I returned 4 years later thinking I was done with teaching. Little did I know that teaching was not done with me. However, enough about me, that is not what my focus was meant to be about today.

Teaching English to new immigrants, or second language speakers in general, it gives me a lot of empathy for the struggles that other people go through. Whether someone left a country in the middle of war, moved over seas to study by choice, or whether someone is just looking to learn something new and make a change in their education, they all face challenges that we cannot understand. I say this as a teacher, but the reason I say this is because it is also true as a friend.

We are living in a time of trauma. Whether you have been through a traumatic situation of your own, or whether you’ve see others go through trauma, you must know that we all react differently. We all have been through different life circumstances that bring us to where we are today. We all get triggered in different ways for different reason