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Let’s start a boat challenge.

Nivasana// boat pose is plank’s best friend, only a little bit quieter. You might not hear people talking about boat challenges the way they do plank challenges, but I dare you to try it and not make the nivasana challenge a real thing.

Different from the ever famous plank, boat pose doesn’t cause any extra stress on the wrists or shoulders. There are simple variations that include resting the toes to the mat and extra challenging options to bring the fingers and toes to reach high to the sky. It strengthens the core, the back, and those important hip flexors.

This pose requires core strength that comes in deep from within. Keep the chest lifted to lengthen the spine and strengthen the back. Lift the toes and see how long you can hold it. Why would you not love this pose?

This pose reminds me that my greatest strengths come from deep down inside from a place that no one knows. My strength as a women comes from within from my own challenges and successes.

My wise grandfather Leo once told me that I am my own person, not directly like my mother or my father, I am me, and my strength comes from within myself.

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