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Saying Good-Bye

This Blog was originally posted in the summer of 2020 in the midst of dealing with the pandemic and the heart ache of losing something so important to me. I removed it shortly after because I was basically told I had to. However, I feel now like my voice was silenced, and I'm not comfortable with that. I feel like this is not meant to be held inside of me. These are my personal thoughts and feelings and I stand by them.

I've been sitting with something for a long time now and only had the guts to tell a few. I guess I didn't say anything because I didn't really want it to be true? Or I just didn't want to share it because somehow I felt like it felt like I did something wrong? I didn't want to talk about how it felt or how things would go forward, but I realize now that is more harmful to me than it is any good. I committed three years to a business and a best friend that had just come to an end and to be honest, at first I was in complete shock and extremely hurt.

The last few months have been difficult to say the least. On March 16 my life completely changed, but maybe more than I've actually shared. In early March word of the the Corona Virus started to emerge within the city and people started to get nervous about it spreading. Some businesses had closed for two weeks after an employee had been diagnosed with the virus and everyone was starting to fear this possibility.