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Helen Bashford Yoga @helenbashfordyoga posted the other day “Yoga…..half of it’s in the transitions. Same with life. How do you transition?

This made me think. I definitely think about this as I plan and teach yoga, or anything I teach. How to easily move from one place to another with a smooth transition. From classes that I’ve taken, I often notice that I enjoy the transitions just as much as I enjoy the poses.

This made me think……. The transitions are the in between. They take you from one place of where you are to another place in the future of where you want to go….. or in yoga to where the instructor wants you to go. Sometimes we think we know where the sequence is going, other times it takes us to some place new and unexpected. Sometimes transitions are seamless and flowing, almost like a dance. Other times they are messy and bumpy, and sometimes we may even fall as we transition from one place to another.

As I thought more about this, it really made me think about the place that I am in my life. I feel like I’m transitioning from what was….. and from where I thought I was going…. to where the Universe wants me to go. This transition has been bumpy…. very, very bumpy. I go from extreme worry and stress and tears, to seeing a glimpse of the future and realizing that this is what is meant to be… this is where I’m meant to be going.

Over the past four months or so, we have all gone through a massive transition from a place of familiarity, consistency, and stability, to a world of unknown changes that has made life feel a little shaky.

In yoga, we’re taught to surrender to the universe and to not attach to what is or what was because it’s never really ours to keep. The things we have now are not meant to be permanent, and the futures that we have planned aren’t our plans to make or keep.

In this transition period things change for me daily. However, I’m trying my best to accept this time of transition as something that I need. Without the busy hustle and bustle of life, I’ve had time to slow down. I’ve had more time with myself to focus on what I may need or what is really important to me. I’ve been able to refocus on what I really want.

Without any regular yoga classes scheduled from now on, I’ll be honest…. It’s a little bit scary. I love teaching yoga. I love my community. I love how I feel when I get to lead and inspire others, and I don’t know when or where I’ll get to do that again. However, I need to remember that there is more to life, there is more out there for me, so as I figure out this transition into the next pose of my life…..I will trust that the Universe is guiding me to where I’m meant to be as I focus on enjoying this transition.

xoxox Namaste, Nicole Leona

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