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Helen Bashford Yoga @helenbashfordyoga posted the other day “Yoga…..half of it’s in the transitions. Same with life. How do you transition?

This made me think. I definitely think about this as I plan and teach yoga, or anything I teach. How to easily move from one place to another with a smooth transition. From classes that I’ve taken, I often notice that I enjoy the transitions just as much as I enjoy the poses.

This made me think……. The transitions are the in between. They take you from one place of where you are to another place in the future of where you want to go….. or in yoga to where the instructor wants you to go. Sometimes we think we know where the sequence is going, other times it takes us to some place new and unexpected. Sometimes transitions are seamless and flowing, almost like a dance. Other times they are messy and bumpy, and sometimes we may even fall as we transition from one place to another.

As I thought more about this, it really made me think about the place that I am in