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Life is a Journey

A while ago we got the opportunity to attend an awards night where I was nominated for a Calgary Top Fitness Award as one of Calgary’s Top Yoga Instructors.

I don’t exactly know how the process worked, but I do know that a lot of people and studios were nominated for a variety of different awards and the top five were chosen in each category to be notified in the Top 5. I know that I was selected as one of the Top 5 Yoga Instructors nominated and the studio Oxygen Yoga and Fitness Braeside was selected as one of Top 5 Fitness Franchise studios in the city.

I was selected in the Top 5 of All yoga instructors nominated in the city. I’m still not quite sure I’ve wrapped my head around that. In one moment I think…. oh well…. there must not have been that many nominated… then I shake myself to remind myself to not down play this. No…. I didn’t win…. but… I was in the Top 5 in the entire city of all yoga instructors nominated and that’s pretty darn amazing.

I think maybe it was tough for me to wrap my head around this because I struggled last year. I struggled a lot in 2019. I don’t struggle with my teaching. That’s the one place that always feels like home. I know I do my best, I keep learning more, I do believe I get better as a result. But….I struggle personally. I struggle when I hear gossip. I struggle by taking things personally. I struggle with other people’s judgments of me or my classes. I struggle when I don’t see students returning to my classes. I struggle because of things that I’ve experienced in the past. Girls are not always nice, and I have experienced a lot of situations in my life where I’ve given things that never always came back to me in a good way. People can be mean, and although this is the world of yoga were we want to things to